Wish Mission – the task a Starling undertakes when she travels to Wishworld to help grant a wish.

The first wishes ever granted were fulfilled by Starlings who never left Starland! Starlings learned that once a Wish Orb began to sparkle they could actually go into it. Inside was the world of the Wisher, like an interactive holo-dome. From there, the Starling could use her talents to grant the wish long-distance.

Over time Starlings figured out that they could collect far more positive wish energy by granting the wish in person instead of using the orb. It's done that way practically all the time now, but the orbs are still used ocasionally.

Students at Starling Academy use Practice Wish Orbs – devices made to function like real Wish Orbs – to learn how to grant wishes. Only those who earn a degree in wish granting will be able to on to do "in-person" Wish Misssions after graduation (with the exception of the twelve Star Sarlings of course).

On Wishworld, Starlings have to blend in to be effective. The cloaking function on their Wish Pendants has the power to totally change their appearance right down to the clothes they wear.