The Power of Twelve is the third Star Darlings TV special. It aired on November 27, 2016. It was also released on Youtube in 3 Acts: Act 1 premiered on December 2, followed by Act 2 on December 9 and Act 3 on December 16. Unlike the other specials, it is not a compilation, instead showing all 12 girls working together to save Starland from Lady Rancora. It appears to be based on Gemma and the Ultimate Standoff.


Starland is losing all power! The Star Darlings start putting all the pieces together, trying to figure out who is causing this Negative Energy Crisis. Everything points to Lady Stella. But when they go to confront her, they realize that it’s actually Lady Cordial who’s behind it all. Now the Star Darlings must try and fight Lady Cordial. Will they finally take her down?