Tessa is a main character and the point of view for the tenth Star Darlings book, Tessa's Lost and Found.


From the time she began to sparkle, Tessa showed a love of the pleasures in life, like soft luxurious blankets, long naps, and gourmet meals. Lucky for Tessa, her mom is a renowned Starland chef who taught Tessa how to create delicious meals from the fresh and abundant herbs and produce that grew on their family's farm.

Tessa may enjoy creature comforts, but she will still put all her effort into any project she decides to tackle. Her approach to life is "Work hard, play hard!"

Tessa is also super loyal to those she loves - and that includes animals as well as people. She has a deep connection with Starland's magical creatures. Just be careful when trying to win an argument with Tessa. She's always convinced she's right, and she can be incredibly stubborn! Tessa's favorite season is the Time of New Beginnings! Her roommate is Adora.

Tessa loves to take care of her sister, Gemma, and her friends. She's the nurturer of the group and encourages her friends every step of the way.


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