Disney Star Darlings Clip “Taming Star”

Disney Star Darlings Clip “Taming Star”

Taming Star is a short clip on the Star Darlings YouTube channel. It was released on October 22, 2015.


In the Star Darling Caves, Sage must go one-on-one with a Shooting Star as she tries to "tame" it like a bucking bronco!


  1. Sage


Sage: Lady Stella? It's Sage! I'm here for my Star Darling training. Oh! "Dear Sage, The only way to get to Wishworld is by riding a Shooting Star. However, in order to do that you must successfully tame one". By myself?! Oh my stars! You're a scrappy star, now aren't you? Well, I'm a scrappy Star Darling! So you're gonna be my ride!
That's it, star! Now I'm mad! Oh my, star! I'm so sorry! You know, star, I think we could both use some positive reinforcement. Wow! Today my lesson was to tame a star, but I think I made a friend instead.