The Star Darlings cartoon is a series of webisodes available on Disney's official Star Darlings Youtube channel. The channel was created in September 2015, and the first episode was uploaded on October 1, 2015. The episodes are usually three minutes long and released biweekly, trading off each week with the one-minute short clips.


Season One

  1. Star Charmed
  2. Wish-House Rocked
  3. Wisher's 101
  4. Illuminated
  5. Super Zoomy
  6. Rising Starlings
  7. The Star Dipper
  8. Shining Starlings
  9. Super Stars!
  10. Just Dancing
  11. Dear Libby
  12. Paint By Numbers

Season Two

  1. The Power of Twelve

Short ClipsEdit

Season One

  1. Glow Fur It
  2. Taming Star
  3. Cooking with Tessa
  4. Astra-nomical
  5. Piper's Dream
  6. MO-J4's Day
  7. Voice Activated
  8. Shoot for the Stars
  9. Star Party
  10. Science of Fashion
  11. Choc It Up
  12. Liberated