Ophelia is a first-year Star Darling who is not part of the main cast. She appears in Leona's Unlucky Mission, Vega and the Fashion Disaster, and Scarlet Discovers True Strength as a replacement for Scarlet. She appears in later books as a regular Starling.

Ophelia is described as "completely clueless" and "hopelessly unprepared" for her mission. Her roommate is Leona. Ophelia has springy yellow-orange hair (red-pink in the web series) tied in pigtails, and many freckles. Her physical appearance is shown a bit in Chapter 6 of Cassie Comes Through, as there is an emoji of her in that chapter. Her wish pendant is a thick metal bracelet studded with yellow star shaped jewels. She is timid, sweet, and very quiet, but has no wish-granting potential at all and doesn't know even the basics. Scarlet thinks of her as generic and easy to lose in a crowd.

Ophelia is chosen for a Wishworld mission in Scarlet Discovers True Strength, but fails to even find her Wisher. Scarlet helps her find her Wisher, Arden, and together they grant her wish to not be afraid of butterflies. It's revealed that her and Scarlet's results were mixed, meaning she isn't a Star Darling after all--which Ophelia is very relieved to hear.

In Cassie Comes Through, Ophelia reveals that she is an orphan and grew up in an orphanage. Cassie suspects her of the wrongdoing at the academy, thinking her cluelessness to be an act, but when the girls go to her room they find Ophelia missing. In Astra's Mixed-Up Mission, she reveals that she had her stars set on going to Starling Academy but her grades weren't so stellar so she failed the entrance exam. But somehow she managed to get an interview which didn't go too well either and she was devastated. Then she got a holo-communication from Starling Academy saying that there was a spot open for a special student, an orphan. They couldn't find one, so Ophelia just needed to pretend she was an orphan if she wanted to go. She thought it was strange but just did as she was told.

Once she arrived at Starling Acaemy she got a message every morning from Lady Stella that told her what to do: Act like a sad orphan, report back on everything the Star Darlings said and did, and make friends with Leona. After telling the girls the story, Ophelia apologized for lying to them and made a joke about how good of an actress she is, causing Scarlet to call her a "regular old Rancora."