A Mirror Mantra is a special phrase or sentence used during a Wish Mission. When regular Starling Academy students graduate, they receive their mirror mantra, which when said with a Wisher during a Wish Mission, will give the Starling and a Wisher confidence and strength. Also, when a Starling says their mirror mantra while looking into a mirror on Wishworld, their true, sparkly appearance will be reflected back at them instead of their Wishworld disguise.

Each mirror mantra is unique to each Starling. A mirror mantra is carefully picked out for a Starling, reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of the Starling that is given it.

In the Star Darlings series, the twelve Star Darlings are given their mirror mantras early because they are going on Wish Missions earlier than usually intended.

Some examples of mirror mantras are:

"I believe in you. Glow For it!" (Sage)

"It's all in the balance, glimmer and shine." (Libby)

"You are the missing piece of the puzzle." (Vega)

"Let your heart lead the way." (Tessa)