Disney Star Darlings Clip “MO-J4's Day”

Disney Star Darlings Clip “MO-J4's Day”

MO-J4-s Day is a short clip on the Star Darlings YouTube channel. It was released on January 22, 2016.


MO-J4 makes sure that the Star Darlings—especially Sage—have everything they need during each Star Day.


  1. Sage
  2. MO-J4


MO-J4: Rise and shine, Miss Sage!
Sage: Star morning, MO-J4! You know, as the Bot-Bot for all the Star Darlings, you can tend to the other girls, too.
MO-J4: Oh, Miss Sage, nothing is more important than making sure your day starts out moons and stars above the rest.
Sage: Thank you, MO-J4!
MO-J4: A cup of zing, and your favorite ozziefruit muffin, Miss Sage.
Sage: Stars above! Thanks, MO-J4.
MO-J4: When Wishlings get the hiccups, they cure them by...
Sage: Uh, One: Holding their breath. Two: Swallowing a spoonful of sugar. Or Three: Closing their eyes, holding their breath, and thinking of zebras.
MO-J4: Perfect, Miss Sage!
Sage: Thanks for quizzing me, MO-J4. I know I'll do great on my test now!
MO-J4: Saturn's rings! She loves me!