Disney Star Darlings Clip “Cooking with Tessa”

Disney Star Darlings Clip “Cooking with Tessa”

Cooking with Tessa is a short clip on the Star Darlings YouTube channel. It was released on November 5, 2015.


Tessa takes the simple Starland ingredients she got at the Celestial Café and turns them into a gourmet meal!



Sage: Hey, Tessa! What did you get for lunch?
Vega: Raw mushmoons, comet kale, garble greens, and ballum blossom?
Libby: Well, Tessa! That looks... Oh, who am I fooling? That looks just awful!
Sage: MO-J4? But SD training doesn't start 'til later!
MO-J4: That's correct, miss Sage; but as the Bot-Bot assigned to all the Star Darlings, I'm currently here for chef Tessa. Time to get cooking!
Vega: Great galaxies!
Sage: Oh My Stars!
Sage: That smells so... Mmm!
Vega: Brilliant!
Vega: Please, Tessa!
MO-J4: How could I forget? No meal is complete without ozziefruit!
Sage: Yum!
Vega: Please, please, please!