This page contains a list of books in the Star Darlings series. The book series began in September 2015 with the simultaneous publication of Sage and the Journey to Wishworld, Libby and the Class Election, and the supplementary A Wisher's Guide to Starland, a pictorial introduction to the world of Star Darlings.

The books, in publishing order:

  1. Sage and the Journey to Wishworld
  2. Libby and the Class Election
  3. Leona's Unlucky Mission
  4. Vega and the Fashion Disaster
  5. Scarlet Discovers True Strength
  6. Cassie Comes Through
  7. Piper's Perfect Dream
  8. Astra's Mixed-Up Mission
  9. Tessa's Lost and Found
  10. Adora Finds a Friend
  11. Clover's Parent Fix
  12. Gemma and the Ultimate Standoff

Books that have been cancelled include:

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